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Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Saturday we woke up READY!

Saturday was our day for Excursions!

Some people went snorkeling...

Some people went on a catamaran booze cruise…

and the rest of us went to XPLOR!

An adventure park with Mexico’s tallest zip lines, ATV driving, cave diving and more…

*Note: You will see some new faces, some people fell asleep before we hit the streets Friday night

I already knew it was gonna be a problem when they didn’t have any water shoes is my size!

Then everyone was getting strapped up like we were going to battle…

First up – the Amphibious Vehicle Driving

Its time to get busy!

It was like driving through Jurassic Park

Driving on that terrain was TOUGH...

We drove through water, caves, over bridges…very fun location!

You know we had to STYLE ON ‘EM once we got done!

Next we went ZIP LINING!

This is the tallest zip line in Mexico…you can see for MILES and MILES from this height……

Why did we want to do this again???

*SIDE BAR - The things you hear while waiting for your turn on the ZIP LINE...

OK...back to the Zip Lining.....

The point of NO RETURN,

There were like 100 zip lines!

Once you got past a few zip lines, then you got to slide down the water slide!

And this is where it all ended!!!

That freakin zip line WORE US OUT!!!!!

A couple of us even lost some shoes on that SPLASH!

Here are just a few more pics of us in the park..too many to post…but you’ll get the picture.

Beautiful Experience….well worth it! I love my crew though…they are FEARLESS! it was ALL LOVE!

Saturday Night was wide open for people to hang out and explore Playa Del Carmen again.

It was a beautiful evening! I have NO IDEA what they did, but I went to SLEEP.



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