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Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Greetings! Thank you for checking out the first annual CELEBRATE LIFE destination trip blog! The trip was OFF THE CHAIN! Thank you to everyone who attended! The group was small, but it was perfect for our first trip. There was a lot of bonding, laughing, drinking, and….well, I can’t tell you everything, but I can say we had a GREAT TIME!


Most of the group arrived on Friday, October 11. We stayed at the BEAUTIFUL PANAMA JACK, PLAY DEL CARMEN resort and hotel!

What made Panama Jack so beautiful was its mixture of classic, original, and contemporary design!

As soon as you walked in, you were faced with the bar, a huge pool and the ocean…..

Even the fruit design dope!

Once our guest started rolling in, their gracious host – we were there to greet them with our infamous “Oh Shit” bags!

The OH SHIT bags were sponsored by The Gilchrest Group realtors! Looking to relocate or purchase or sell a home in the Atlanta area, LaVonda Gilchrest is the person to see!

As you can see, we wanted to make sure that everyone was prepared for EVERYTHING in Mexico!

Then it was off to the rooms….

We had a couple of birthday celebrations on the trip and we wanted to show them love.

Once everyone got checked in, it was time for our official meet n greet – The SUSHI SOCIAL! Panama Jack has a sushi bar right next to a pool on a rooftop! It was called “OFF THE HOOK”, and it was!

Now it was time to get ready to do the Playa Del Carmen CLUB CRAWL!

Our tour guide for the night was Gabriel. He worked at the hotel, but he was getting off of work right before we hit the streets.

Gabriel took us to a couple of spots…

But our first stop was SKY!

I MUST say, the ladies really represented.

It was like we were rolling a team of models.

Once our girls started to get loose, the manager called in their girls for "back up"!

But there was NO COMPETITION!

So it was on to the next spot!

I forgot the name of the spot, but we took it over!

It started off nice and calm…..look at the innocent faces….



The next thing you know…

Stuff started to get serious!

It was a dope night! How ever…after all of this…

My boy Gabriel couldn’t hang!

Someone called La Policia…

I think they thought he was dead. So we got the HECK up outta there!

I hope tomorrow is going to be less stressful!

To Be Continued....


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